Francis William Austen

Standard Name: Austen, Francis William


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Family and Intimate relationships Jane Austen
JA 's two youngest brothers, Francis William and Charles John , both joined the navy as midshipmen, and both ended their successful careers as admirals. While she never left the south of England, they (and...
Family and Intimate relationships Catherine Hubback
Catherine's father, Francis William Austen , was Jane Austen's closest brother, born less than two years before her. He entered the navy at twelve years old, and rose to become an admiral. He had a...
Occupation Catherine Hutton
As well as collecting illustrations of costume, CH was an early collector of autographs. (She began both these collections at a young age, but presumably had to start again from scratch after her losses in...
Textual Production Sarah Waters
Despite initial misgivings, Waters says she found the stories—which she calls celebrations of Austen rather than tributes—a pleasure to read and a challenge to judge. She awarded first prize to Jane Austen over the Styx...


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