Ignatius Sancho

Standard Name: Sancho, Ignatius


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Literary responses Sarah Scott
Later this year the black Londoner Ignatius Sancho singled out Laurence Sterne and the humane author of Sir George Ellison as the only writers to have drawn a tear in favour of my miserable black...
Literary responses Phillis Wheatley
Much initial response to PW as a poet saw her as a freak, a curiosity, or a political argument. A typical reviewer found her work merely imitative, without endemial marks of solar fire or...
Occupation Eliza Fletcher
This friendship was built on a shared interest in literature, in patronising the poor or socially oppressed who aspired to writing, in encouraging inoculation and in promoting Sunday schools. Eliza was interested particularly in the...
Publishing Olaudah Equiano
Equiano was already a well-known figure in the abolitionist movement in Britain when his book appeared. He had issued Proposals for his subscription in November 1788 (the same month that George III fell ill, probably...
Textual Features Tabitha Tenney
Choice of women writers is fairly generous, with excerpts from Hester Mulso Chapone , John Aikin and Anna Letitia Barbauld (Evenings at Home), Susanna Haswell Rowson , Elizabeth Carter , Hester Thrale ,...
Textual Production Charlotte Nooth
His De la littérature des Nègres in its original form reflects internationalism, anglophilia, and perhaps even proto-feminism. The title-page quotes Mary Robinson . The roll of honour of white activists for abolition and racial equality...


By September 1782: The Letters of the black Londoner Ignatius...

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By September 1782

The Letters of the black Londoner Ignatius Sancho were published two years after the author's death.


Sancho, Ignatius. The Letters of Ignatius Sancho. Editors Edwards, Paul and Polly T. Rewt, Edinburgh University Press, 1994.