Richard Bentley

Standard Name: Bentley, Richard,, 1854 - 1936


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Publishing Wilkie Collins
It was hard to find a publisher for Antonina until Bentley agreed to pay him a hundred pounds for it, with a further hundred to follow if the edition sold more than 500 copies (which...
Publishing Sarah Grand
She noted that she had to publish the novel anonymously because My husband had a gt. [sic] dislike to having his name associated with my ideas.
Kersley, Gillian. Darling Madame: Sarah Grand and Devoted Friend. Virago Press.
She had begun writing it around 1880 while...
Publishing Fanny Kemble
This successful work was followed by two more popular collections from the same wellspring: Records of Later Life, published by 8 July 1882, and Further Records, 1848-1883: A series of letters . ....
Publishing Frances Mary Peard
When she made her enquiry of Bentley, FMP felt that she had supplied this novel with a tidy name (the one under which it finally appeared) or even two to choose from.
“Frances Mary Peard, 1835-1922”. Cornell University Library: Women in the Literary Marketplace, 1800-1900: Getting into Print.
(She had had...
Publishing Frances Eleanor Trollope
FET wrote to publisher Richard Bentley as follows regarding the possibility of compiling these memoirs: I have been looking over a great mass of papers relating to Frances Trollope. There is a vast deal of...
Textual Production Martin Ross
Richard Bentley commissioned MR and Edith Somerville for a three-volume novel, which becameThe Real Charlotte.
Cronin, John. Somerville and Ross. Bucknell University Press.
Travel Frances Mary Peard
Living in Rome was compatible with even more travel elsewhere than FMP had managed while living in England. Likely on 11 December 1898, for instance, she wrote to Richard Bentley , mentioning that in a...


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