Edvard Benes

Standard Name: Benes, Edvard
Used Form: Edvard Beněs


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Dedications Storm Jameson
SJ began Europe to Let in late 1938 as the Czech crisis unfolded.
Berry, Paul, and Mark Bostridge. Vera Brittain: A Life. Chatto and Windus.
She dedicated it To JT [writer and friend Jiřina Tůmová ] in Prague / In the hope that when the curtain...
politics Storm Jameson
In Prague, Jameson spent time with her longtime friend Jiřina Tůmová and various politicians and bureaucrats, including Edvard Benes or Beněs . Beněs was the former president of Czechoslovakia, whom Jameson came to know at...
politics Amabel Williams-Ellis
AWE was gathering signatures for a letter to Edvard Benes , President of Czechoslovakia, about Chamberlain 's betrayal of Czech democracy in face of the threat from Hitler .
Woolf, Virginia. The Letters of Virginia Woolf. Editors Nicolson, Nigel and Joanne Trautmann, Hogarth Press.
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