Abraham Lincoln

Standard Name: Lincoln, Abraham


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Family and Intimate relationships May Edginton
Francis Baily was a novelist and one-time editor of Royal Magazine. It was in the context of the magazine that they met, as ME was one of its contributors. Baily was the author from...
Friends, Associates Sojourner Truth
ST 's vocation brought her into contact with many eminent people, from Abraham Lincoln downwards. She shared a platform with Frederick Douglass on a famous occasion when she challenged his faith by demanding whether God...
Intertextuality and Influence Harriet Beecher Stowe
HBS is remembered above all as having contributed substantially with Uncle Tom's Cabin to the build-up of anti-slavery feeling in the North before the Civil War. The sense of her influence is encapsulated in the...
Literary responses Julia Ward Howe
Initially The Battle Hymn of the Republic was only somewhat praised.
Tharp, Louise Hall. Three Saints and a Sinner. Little, Brown and Co.
However, the patriotic feelings of Howe's countrymen and women of the North, who rallied in response to the devastating losses suffered by...
Occupation Antoinette Brown Blackwell
According to her daughter Agnes, who accompanied her to the polling station, ABB was beckoned to the front of a long line of voters when she arrived.
Cazden, Elizabeth. Antoinette Brown Blackwell. Feminist Press.
She disclosed that she voted for the...
Textual Features Carson McCullers
Time ticks on for J. T. Malone and for history. The civil rights struggle comes to Milan and violence ensues. Sherman, after carrying out one or two ineffectual gestures, and betraying his friendship with Jester...
Textual Features Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
In another story for the same periodical, How June Found Massa Linkum, a slave child who has never heard of Christianity dies and is welcomed to heaven by both Jesus and President Lincoln (contradicting...
Textual Features Sojourner Truth
Even the original text of the Narrative of Sojourner Truth is told in the third person, not the first, and uses the standard white, middle-class, abolitionist diction of sentiment. There is little sense of ST
Textual Production Fanny Kemble
The publication of the journal followed shortly after Pierce Butler's financial collapse and a forced sale of half of his 900 slaves (on 2-3 March 1859). Reporter Mortimer Thomson 's description of this sale was...
Textual Production Jan Morris
Having for years made portraits or sketches of historical figures a vital part of her writing about place or history, JM produced several more books about individuals: Fisher's Face, 1995 (about the remarkably handsome...


October 1858: John Julius Reuter started providing a telegraph-based...

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October 1858

John Julius Reuter started providing a telegraph-based foreign news service to the LondonMorning Advertiser, beginning with a fortnight's free trial.

12 April 1861-9 April 1865: The American Civil War raged between the...

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12 April 1861-9 April 1865

The American Civil War raged between the Confederacy of southern slave-owning states and the Union of the rest: from the first shots fired by Confederate artillery at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, to the surrender...

22 September 1862: Abraham Lincoln set forth the Emancipation...

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22 September 1862

Abraham Lincoln set forth the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring that all slaves held in the states which were now rebel territory of the USA would be free as of 1 January 1863.

1 January 1863: Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation,...

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1 January 1863

Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, by which all those people still enslaved in the rebel states of the USA gained their freedom.

14 April 1865: Abraham Lincoln, President of the United...

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14 April 1865

Abraham Lincoln , President of the United States, was fatally shot by actor John Wilkes Booth , at Ford's Theatre, Washington.


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