Lord Alfred Douglas

Standard Name: Douglas, Lord Alfred


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Cultural formation Oscar Wilde
OW , at the top of his fame as a playwright, brought libel charges against the Marquess of Queensberry (father of his lover Lord Alfred Douglas ), who had sent him an insulting card, reading...
Family and Intimate relationships Rose Allatini
Witnesses included Allatini's father and Eugene Goossens , who was already a conductor.
Fuller, Jean Overton. Cyril Scott and a Hidden School: Towards the Peeling of an Onion. Theosophical History.
Scott's autobiography reports: I got married in the unlucky month of May! Though had it not been for my Master's wish...
Family and Intimate relationships Natalie Clifford Barney
While she never seriously entertained the proposals of most of her suitors, she seems to have considered at least one as a possible candidate for husband: Lord Alfred Douglas , who is notorious as the...
Family and Intimate relationships Florence Dixie
Florence's eldest brother, Lord John , later became the notorious ninth Marquess of Queensberry, father of Lord Alfred Douglas . It was he who destroyed Oscar Wilde by bringing the court case against him.
Family and Intimate relationships George Douglas
The eldest of GD 's brothers, John Sholto Douglas, the heir, became Marquess of Queensberry at their father's early death. He later became notorious as the father of Lord Alfred Douglas and the enemy of...
Friends, Associates Ada Leverson
AL 's first meeting with Oscar Wilde is variously dated 1892 or 1893. They became very close, exchanging compliments, paradoxes, and flattery.
Ellmann, Richard. Oscar Wilde. Viking.
Burkhart, Charles. Ada Leverson. Twayne.
She was a tower of strength to him at the time...
Friends, Associates Marie Stopes
MS corresponded for years, if occasionally, with the school-story writer Angela Brazil , who sent the first letter on 22 May 1922, and apparently admired Stopes's work. They shared not only a publisher, Blackie ...
Literary responses Ada Leverson
Robert Ross closed A Note of Explanation which he contributed to the book in a tone of well-meant condescension: if Prospero is dead we value all the more the little memories of Miranda.
Leverson, Ada, and Oscar Wilde. “Reminiscences of the Author”. Letters to the Sphinx from Oscar Wilde, Duckworth, pp. 19-49.
William Rothenstein
Literary responses Marie Stopes
Just before the publication of Love Songs for Young Lovers, Lord Alfred Douglas (himself a poet) complained to MS that all her poetry was about love and physical passion, which he said were improper...
Material Conditions of Writing Oscar Wilde
OW , from his prison cell at Reading Gaol, wrote De Profundis in the form of a letter to Lord Alfred Douglas .
Ellmann, Richard. Oscar Wilde. Knopf.
Publishing Oscar Wilde
OW 's Salome was first published in the English translation by Lord Alfred Douglas from the original French, with illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley .
Cox, Michael, editor. The Oxford Chronology of English Literature. Oxford University Press.
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Reception Hannah Lynch
The Saturday Review called the book a fascinating study of child life . . . marked by originality, humour, and pathos.The Observer called it distinctly interesting and full of excellences.
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
35824 (9 May 1899): 14
Textual Production Marie Stopes
Other later poems include Wartime Harvest, 1944 (which brought together a preface by Lord Alfred Douglas and a letter from George Bernard Shaw ), and Instead of Tears: In Memoriam for Officers and Men...


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