Johann Kaspar Lavater

Standard Name: Lavater, Johann Kaspar


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Friends, Associates Helen Maria Williams
While travelling in Switzerland, HMW met Lavater in Zurich.
Michael-Johnston, Georgina. Helen Maria Williams: Liberty, Sensibility, and Education. University of Alberta.
Woodward, Lionel D. Hélène-Maria Williams et ses amis. Slatkine Reprints.
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Ann Kelty
Her narratives of these emotional involvements lead her into analysis of the different effects of love on the two sexes. This analysis is founded on two women writers (identifiable although she does not name them)...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Pipe Wolferstan
A few statements are footnoted to their originators, whom EPW has either paraphrased or versified: Sherlock and Lavater are her favourites, but she also draws on lighter writers like Horace , Swift , and Coleridge


1789-98: Essays in Physiognomy (translated by Henry...

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Essays in Physiognomy (translated by Henry Hunter from Johann Kaspar Lavater ), with engravings by Johann Heinrich Füssli (known in England as Henry Fuseli), set off crazes for physiognomy and silhouettes.


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