Frances Colenso

Standard Name: Colenso, Frances
Birth Name: Frances Ellen Colenso
Nickname: Fanny
Pseudonym: Atherton Wylde
Pseudonym: Zandile
Frances Colenso spent most of her life (lived during the second half of the nineteenth century) in South Africa, and many of her writings reflect her disapproval of the British colonial governmental practices that she witnessed. Her two novels approach these issues from the angle of fiction, and she also produced in her two historical studies a notable account of Natal, its history, its people, and the political climate in which they lived.
Black and white photograph of Frances Colenso. She is in semi-profile, looking to her left. Her hair is pulled back from her face, and she wears a white shirt with a dark ruffled fabric around her neck.
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Publishing Georgiana Chatterton
In probably May 1864 GC wrote and sent to Cardinal Wiseman a poem of protest against Bishop Colenso of Natal (father of Frances Colenso ); she also sent it to the comte de Montalembert .
“The Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton”. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.


11 January-4 July 1879
Thousands were killed in the British war against the Zulu under chief Cetewayo or Cetshwayo in Zululand (now KwaZulu-Natal), South Africa.