Marilyn French

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Education Andrea Levy
Her cultural and political self-education dated from this time. She said the first book she enjoyed, the one that turned me into an avid reader, was The Women's Room by Marilyn French . She devoured...
Textual Features Nawal El Saadawi
The Imam rules and tyrannizes over an imaginary island. The rebellious heroine, Bint Allah (which means daughter of God), appears to have been illegitimately fathered by the Imam, and while it seems appropriate to...
Textual Features Ali Smith
The volume features 101 different women writers, each publication emblematic of the year for which its author is featured. Its contents range from the title-inspiring Miles Franklin 's My Brilliant Career (1901) through Edith Wharton
Textual Production Margaret Atwood
MA has provided many introductions and paratexts for the work of other writers in poetry and prose, including an afterword for Margaret Laurence 's A Jest of God, reprinted in the New Canadian Library...


By April 1978: Marilyn French's important feminist novel...

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By April 1978

Marilyn French 's important feministnovelThe Women's Room (a bestseller in the USA in 1977) appeared in an English edition.

January 1996: Virago Press resumed operations as an imprint...

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January 1996

Virago Press resumed operations as an imprint of another larger company, Little Brown . Its board took the decision to sell in 1995, two years after its twentieth birthday.

1-27 May 2000: The magazine Mslexia conducted a four-week...

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1-27 May 2000

The magazine Mslexia conducted a four-week statistical survey of nineteen major British newspapers and weeklies, and found that 70 per cent of reviewers where male and 72 per cent of books reviewed were written by...

2002-2003: For one year and one week during this period...

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For one year and one week during this period a tally of book reviews in the New York Times Book Review reported nearly twice as many male as female reviewers and more than twice as...


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