Jacob Bronowski

Standard Name: Bronowski, Jacob


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Education William Empson
Sent to preparatory school at the age of seven, WE obtained the rest of his education on scholarships, first at Winchester School , where his schoolmates included future academics William Hayter and John Sparrow and...
Friends, Associates Laura Riding
On Mallorca LR actively sought collaborators in her ambitious intellectual quests.
Friedmann, Elizabeth. A Mannered Grace. Persea Books.
A few of those she involved were Americans Tom Matthews and (at a distance) Schuyler Jackson and artist John Aldridge , and, from...
Friends, Associates Kathleen Raine
KR felt she was an outsider at Cambridge because she did not come from the upper or upper-middle classes, and because many of her friends there were also outsiders for various reasons. However, they did...
Literary responses Laura Riding
Reviews were good in the main. Not only did LR 's friend and associate Jacob Bronowski assert in Granta that that the poems state the truth with a clarity which is transparent and literal,
Friedmann, Elizabeth. A Mannered Grace. Persea Books.
Literary responses Kathleen Raine
This book was welcomed by its first critics as a magnum opus of undeniable significance.Jacob Bronowski defined its purpose as the establishment of Blake 's thought as part of the classical tradition of anti-materialist...
Literary responses Kathleen Raine
The Times Literary Supplement gave this book high praise as an impassioned diatribe against the intellectual idols of Philistia's market-place, the exercise of a keen critical sword such as that which Blake had forbidden to...
Textual Production Laura Riding
All LR 's other literary endeavours while she lived in Mallorca were subordinated to the hugely ambitous collaborative scheme which she dubbed The Critical Vulgate. This was to involve numbers of writers and artists...


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