Tom Matthews

Standard Name: Matthews, Tom


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Friends, Associates Laura Riding
On Mallorca LR actively sought collaborators in her ambitious intellectual quests.
Friedmann, Elizabeth. A Mannered Grace. Persea Books.
A few of those she involved were Americans Tom Matthews and (at a distance) Schuyler Jackson and artist John Aldridge , and, from...
Friends, Associates Laura Riding
In the USA they went to stay with Schuyler Jackson and his wife Katherine or Kit at their farm in Pennsylvania.
Seymour, Miranda. “The Hand from the Grave”. Lives for Sale: Biographers’ Tales, edited by Mark Bostridge, Continuum, pp. 191-5.
Schuyler was poetry editor of Time magazine and a close friend of...
Literary responses Laura Riding
LR always maintained she was uninterested in her reputation and would take no steps to assist it—though she did care that the record should be accurate, and to that end she wrote a lengthy article...


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