Thomas Aldam

Standard Name: Aldam, Thomas


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Friends, Associates Mary Fisher
MF was personally acquainted with many of the pioneers among the Quakers. It was contact with George Fox that first converted her. She shared her jail term at York with Thomas Aldam and Elizabeth Hooton
Material Conditions of Writing Elizabeth Hooton
False Prophets and False Teachers Described was printed at London, bearing the authorial names of six Quakers including EH , Mary Fisher , and Thomas Aldam , all imprisoned in York Castle.
Textual Production Mary Fisher
MF 's single published text was the jointly-authored, 8-page tract False Prophets and False Teachers Described, 1652 or 1653, written by six Quakers (three men and three women) who were all imprisoned in York...


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Aldam, Thomas et al. False Prophets and False Teachers Described. 1653.