Elizabeth Hooton

Standard Name: Hooton, Elizabeth
Birth Name: Elizabeth Carrier
Married Name: Elizabeth Hooton
Indexed Name: Elizabeth Hooten
EH , the earliest of the female Quaker writers, left a printed prophecy, petition, and testimony, as well as a manuscript attack on colonial settlements in New England. Literary historian Phyllis Mack observes that her lively rhetoric draws on gendered images of virgins, mothers, and whores.
Mack, Phyllis. Visionary Women: Ecstatic Prophecy in Seventeenth-Century England. University of California Press.


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Cultural formation Mary Fisher
It is not known whether she belonged to the Church of England or some other sect before she joined the Society of Friends (in earlier 1652, along with her employers).
Peters, Kate. Print Culture and the Early Quakers. Cambridge University Press.
Her early conversion to...
Friends, Associates Mary Fisher
MF was personally acquainted with many of the pioneers among the Quakers. It was contact with George Fox that first converted her. She shared her jail term at York with Thomas Aldam and Elizabeth Hooton
Friends, Associates Joan Vokins
From Barbados she sent her dear love to Elizabeth Hooton .
Vokins, Joan. God’s Mighty Power Magnified. Editor Sansom, Oliver, Thomas Northcott.
Textual Features Mary Ann Kelty
She had already issued, in 1840, Early Days in the Society of Friends: exemplifying the obedience of faith, in some of its first members, a work focussing on George Fox . By primitive in...
Textual Production Mary Fisher
MF 's single published text was the jointly-authored, 8-page tract False Prophets and False Teachers Described, 1652 or 1653, written by six Quakers (three men and three women) who were all imprisoned in York...


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