Georgiana Yeats

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Family and Intimate relationships W. B. Yeats
Within a few months of proposing marriage to Maud Gonne 's daughter Iseult (as he had formerly proposed to to Gonne herself) WBY married (on 20 October 1917, at the age of fifty-two) Georgie Hyde-Lees
Friends, Associates Maud Gonne
Yeats refused to let MG into her own house, where his young and pregnant wife had succumbed to the dreaded flu epidemic. This caused a serious quarrel between him and Gonne, and she denounced him...
Friends, Associates Augusta Gregory
That same summer Yeats made an extended stay at AG 's estate. Their friendship flourished, and for twenty years he spent the summers there under her motherly care. Theirs was an extremely close, productive, and...
Health Augusta Gregory
George Yeats reported in 1927 that AG had become very forgetful: she'll tell you the same saga quite literally three times in less than an hour, and . . . again the next day, and...
Intertextuality and Influence W. B. Yeats
Four days into their marriage, WBY 's wife Georgiana first attempted automatic writing, a process that excited her husband and inspired the occult system outlined in A Vision.
Yeats, W. B. A Vision. Macmillan.
Material Conditions of Writing Kathleen Raine
KR was assisted in her studies of Yeats by his wife: Mrs Yeats received me as a poet, and in fact left me after her death one of the books I had gone to consult...
Material Conditions of Writing W. B. Yeats
WBY published A Vision, an outline of his mystical belief system composed with the aid of his wife 's experiments with automatic writing.
The date on the title page is 1925.
Wade, Allan, and Russell K. Alspach. A Bibliography of the Writings of W.B. Yeats. Hart-Davis.
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politics Maud Gonne
Concern over her health enabled her to transfer to a nursing home in London; she eluded surveillance dressed in the uniform of a Red Cross nurse, and slipped home to Dublin, where Yeats and his...
Textual Production W. B. Yeats
A second edition, substantially revised, came out with Macmillan in 1937. In the introduction to the revised edition Yeats explains in some detail the contribution to it of his wife Georgiana or George ; for...
Textual Production W. B. Yeats
He and his wife Georgiana travelled to Stockholm to accept the prize. In his acceptance speech, Yeats acknowledged the importance of Augusta Gregory and John Synge to his writing.
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