Marcus Aurelius

Standard Name: Aurelius, Marcus


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Education Damaris Masham
She continued her self-education throughout her life. Some months after her marriage she told Locke that the jumble of books in her closet (or private reading-room) included household recipe and account books and the meditations...
Intertextuality and Influence Rosa Nouchette Carey
One of the many novels which RNC chose to dignify by quotations to head her chapters, this seems to make a particular attempt to impress. Those quoted imply considerable learning, even if (as seems likely)...
Intertextuality and Influence Joan Whitrow
This offers praise to God for the king's safe return from waging war in Holland, but deplores the money spent in official welcome celebrations, which would have been better given to the poor. By...
Literary Setting Anna Kingsford
Nearly all the stories are historical fictions, set variously in the time of Plato (365 BC), the reign of Marcus Aurelius (179 AD), and that of Charles II . Their settings range from ancient Greece...
Textual Production Anne Dacier
AD collaborated with her husband, André Dacier , on a translation of the meditations of Marcus Aurelius : Réflexions morales de l'empereur Marc-Antonin.
Spencer, Samia I., editor. Writers of the French Enlightenment I. Gale.


4 March 1885: In Marius the Epicurean, Walter Pater established...

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4 March 1885

In Marius the Epicurean, Walter Pater established his view that the city was the modern topic for writers. The novel is set in Marcus Aurelius 's Rome.


Aurelius, Marcus. Réflexions morales de l’empereur Marc-Antonin. Translators Dacier, Anne and André Dacier, C. Barbin, 1691.