Edward Field

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Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Fyge
Soon after the family row over her first published poem, SF married Edward Field , who was an attorney not far from London. She does not indicate whether the marriage was her choice, but suggests...
Friends, Associates Diana Athill
DA 's various memoirs mention too many friends to list them all here. She became a good friend of some of her authors: Jean Rhys , for instance, and V. S. Naipaul (with whom there...
Literary responses Diana Athill
Rosemary Dinnage in the Times Literary Supplement wrote that the story could be seen as either the exposure and exploitation by the author of her friend's memory, or as an obituary tribute to what there...
Literary responses Diana Athill
A chorus of praise greeted this book. The chapter on Jean Rhys was hailed as a miniature masterpiece.Jules Verdone in the Boston Globe suggested that that DA had the knack of presenting as history...
Literary responses Diana Athill
Through her great age and greater panache DA became something of a cult figure. Edward Field wrote that she functioned for the British public as the Chief Guide to Old Age.
Field, Edward. “Edward Field’s Introduction”. Letters to a Friend, p. xi - xx.
She was awarded...
Literary responses Diana Athill
Edward Field called these stories crisp and poignant.
Field, Edward. “Edward Field’s Introduction”. Letters to a Friend, p. xi - xx.
Occupation Diana Athill
She embarked on art classes, continued writing (and gardening and other hobbies), and acquired her first laptop computer in 2003, under the persuasion of Edward Field and Neil Derrick . This second-hand model was soon...
Textual Production Diana Athill
In Instead of a Book: Letters to a Friend, DA selected, introduced, and annotated a hundred letters written to the US poet Edward Field and his partner, Neil Derrick , between 1981 and 2007.
Athill, Diana. Letters to a Friend. Norton.
vii, 328


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Field, Edward. “Edward Field’s Introduction”. Letters to a Friend, 2012, p. xi - xx.