Rosemary Dinnage

Standard Name: Dinnage, Rosemary


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Literary responses Diana Athill
Rosemary Dinnage in the Times Literary Supplement wrote that the story could be seen as either the exposure and exploitation by the author of her friend's memory, or as an obituary tribute to what there...
Literary responses Penelope Shuttle
Rosemary Dinnage in a Times Literary Supplement review contrasted contemporary openness about childbirth with the continuing block on mentioning menstruation. She cited a recent example in which Margaret Drabble had mentioned the subject on BBC
Reception Isak Dinesen
Nevertheless, today's intense interest in her, and the various aspects of her appeal, are both reflected in recent publications. During 2003 she was discussed under the rubrics of White Women Writers and their African Invention...


13 September 1940: The City of Benares sailed from England for...

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13 September 1940

The City of Benares sailed from England for Canada with a cargo of ninety child evacuees; seventy-seven of them died when the ship was hit by a German torpedo.


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