Charlotte Mitchell

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Education Victoria Cross
While her sisters are known to have attended a small boarding school in England, it is unknown whether Annie Sophie, or VC , ever had any form of institutionalised lower schooling in England or India...
Family and Intimate relationships Caroline Clive
CC 's mother, Anna Maria Meysey , was the only surviving daughter and heiress of Charles Watkins Meysey , whose family descended from the lineage of William the Conqueror . She died in 1836.
Armstrong, Isobel et al., editors. Nineteenth-Century Women Poets. Clarendon Press.
Friends, Associates Victoria Cross
Possibly because VC spent so much time travelling, it is difficult to judge the extent of her social circle. She is unmentioned by many literary autobiographies of the period. Charlotte Mitchell suggests that she may...
Literary responses Victoria Cross
Sewell Stokes , in a brief portrait of VC in 1928, described her as one who had at one time been accused of poisoning the purity of British homes with her sordid writings ....
Literary responses Rosa Nouchette Carey
A reviewer for the New York Times commented on Carey's decision to include only the very best-known English women in her book when the number of women who are to-day doing good work here in...
Literary responses Rosa Nouchette Carey
During her lifetime there was no shortage, in reviews of her novels in the popular press, of such adjectives as fresh, charming, and pretty, handy for quoting in listings of her works...
Literary responses Caroline Clive
According to scholar Eric Partridge , though not a masterpiece, [it] is a very readable story, written with ability.
Partridge, Eric Honeywood. “Mrs. Archer Clive”. Literary Sessions, Scholartis Press.
Charlotte Mitchell has been more positive, calling it concise, harsh, ironical, intelligent, and interestingly related...
Publishing Victoria Cross
Little of the critical speculation about the genealogy of The Woman Who Didn't has been confirmed. Charlotte Mitchell posits that the risqué subject matter of the novel VC produced after signing a contract with Lane
Publishing Victoria Cross
In July 1905, VC had signed a contract with T. Werner Laurie for Six Women, a collection of stories that returned to her theme of interracial love and included the early story previously titled...
Reception Caroline Clive
Charlotte Mitchell published a bibliography of CC in 1999.
Reception Victoria Cross
Anna Lombard, described by Charlotte Mitchell as VC 's most notorious work,
Mitchell, Charlotte. Victoria Cross, 1868-1952: A Bibliography. Victorian Fiction Research Unit, School of English, Media Studies and Art History, The University of Queensland.
owed much of its success to efficient marketing by John Long , whose firm was then known for printing works of...
Residence Laurence Hope
With her education complete at the age of sixteen, Adela Florence Cory (later the poet LH ) travelled to Lahore in India (now in Pakistan) to be with her parents.
Charlotte Mitchell in her critical...
Textual Features Victoria Cross
VC 's work demonstrates a consistent non-conformity with bourgeois values on a range of issues. Most notably these relate to marriage, but she was also critical of organised religion, Western spirituality, and Western medicine. Charlotte Mitchell
Textual Production Victoria Cross
In 1910 The Love of Kusuma: An Eastern Love Story appeared in print, with an introduction by VC . While the novel purports to be by Bal Krishna, translated from Hindustani, Charlotte Mitchell
Textual Production Muriel Box
MB 's first contact with her future second husband arose out of correspondence about legal matters canvassed in this book.
Box, Muriel. Rebel Advocate. Victor Gollancz.
The work itself fulfilled the aim of Femina Books : to produce titles with...


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