Charles Knight

Standard Name: Knight, Charles,, 1791 - 1873


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Publishing Harriet Martineau
In 1834 HM published Letter to the Deaf in Tait's Edinburgh Magazine. Around 1837 she was asked to take charge of an Economical Magazine at a good salary, which she thought opened the prospect...
Publishing Harriet Martineau
The second volume appeared by early 1850; like the first it was published by Charles Knight . Knight was so worried about the possible political repercussions of publishing one particular number of this work that...
Reception Harriet Martineau
James Martineau published a scathing attack on the book in the Prospective Review under the title Mesmeric Atheism. He poured scorn on the authors for believing that one can legitimately reach the doctrines of...
Textual Features Charlotte Maria Tucker
Here CMT examines butterflies and termites (as well as fairies); but she warns her young readers that unlike moths, some of these creatures are not likely to be visible. Her concern for accuracy was evident...
Textual Production Harriet Martineau


1791: Charles Knight, publisher, was born at Windsor,...

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Charles Knight , publisher, was born at Windsor, Berkshire.

Late 1822: Charles Knight founded his eponymous publishing...

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Late 1822

Charles Knight founded his eponymous publishing firm in London.

31 March 1832: The first mass-circulation magazine, the...

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31 March 1832

The first mass-circulation magazine, the Penny Magazine, appeared, published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge .

1838: Charles Knight patented a colour-printing...

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Charles Knight patented a colour-printing process called Patent Illuminated Printing.

1842: Charles Knight, publisher for the Society...

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Charles Knight , publisher for the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge , issued his Store of Knowledge.

1856-1862: Charles Knight published The Popular History...

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Charles Knight published The Popular History of England.

By 2 July 1864: Charles Knight published Passages of a Working...

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By 2 July 1864

Charles Knight published Passages of a Working Life.

9 March 1873: Charles Knight, publisher, died at Addlestone,...

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9 March 1873

Charles Knight , publisher, died at Addlestone, Surrey.


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