Thornton Wilder

Standard Name: Wilder, Thornton


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Friends, Associates Phyllis Bentley
PB attended a deliciously literary
Bentley, Phyllis. "O Dreams, O Destinations". Gollancz.
dinner party at J. B. Priestley 's Hampstead home, where she met Thornton Wilder , George Doran and A. D. Peters (who was soon to become her literary agent).
Bentley, Phyllis. "O Dreams, O Destinations". Gollancz.
Literary responses Q. D. Leavis
Fiction and the Reading Public was widely reviewed. In the Criterion of July 1932, T. S. Eliot commended its argument: A society which does not recognize the existence of art is barbaric. But a society...
Literary responses Gertrude Stein
In his introduction to this text, Thornton Wilder wrote that the fundamental preoccupation of Miss Stein's life was not the work of art but the shaping of a theory of knowledge, a theory of time...
Textual Production Helen Waddell
HW provided an introduction for William Forbes Marshall 's Ballads and Verses from Tyrone, published by the Talbot Press of Dublin in 1929, and an Appreciation for George Saintsbury 's Shakespeare, 1934.
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Textual Production Gertrude Stein
The series was published under the general editorship of Carl Van Vechten , with an advisory committee whose members were Donald C. Gallup , Donald Sutherland , and Thornton Wilder .


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