George Somes Layard

Standard Name: Layard, George Somes


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Leisure and Society Kate Greenaway
By many accounts KG was a shy, unassuming woman. She was plain in appearance, and disliked being in the public eye. According to Spielmann and Layard 's biography, she was also very shy in general...
politics Eliza Lynn Linton
Eliza's interest in politics began when she was very young. Her biographer George Somes Layard writes that the first seeds of her early republicanism were sown in Eliza's mind by Daniel O'Connell 's appearances at...
Textual Production Kate Greenaway
KG composed and carefully preserved a large amount of unpublished writing, and some of her verse is reprinted in Spielmann and Layard 's biography of her: Four thick volumes of neatly written manuscript running to...
Textual Production Eliza Lynn Linton
A new edition of the book was published in 2011 by the Victorian Secrets press. It contains a critical apparatus by editors, Deborah T. Meem and Kate Holterhoff plus contemporary reviews, excerpts from George Layard


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Layard, George Somes. Mrs. Lynn Linton: Her Life, Letters, and Opinions. Methuen, 1901.
Linton, Eliza Lynn, and George Somes Layard. The Second Youth of Theodora Desanges. Hutchinson, 1900.