Henri Benjamin Constant de Rebecque

Standard Name: Constant de Rebecque, Henri Benjamin


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Family and Intimate relationships Germaine de Staël
Apart from her short-lived legitimate daughter, GS had two sons by Narbonne , a daughter, Albertine, the result of her affair with Benjamin Constant , and a youngest son whose father was John Rocca .
Kobak, Annette. “Mme de Staël and Fanny Burney”. The Burney Journal, pp. 12 -35.
Family and Intimate relationships Germaine de Staël
As years went on GS became notorious for her propensity to be desperately in love with some handsome young man including Benjamin Constant (whom she met in September 1794) and Prosper de Barante . Few...
Fictionalization Germaine de Staël
Benjamin Constant , formerly the lover of GS , represented her in his novel Adolphe as a woman whose mind was the most wide-ranging of any woman ever, and perhaps of any man,
Kobak, Annette. “Mme de Staël and Fanny Burney”. The Burney Journal, pp. 12 -35.
Intertextuality and Influence Anita Brookner
Again the protagonist, Kitty Maule, has a mixed national heritage: French/Russian and English. Again she is emotionally impoverished though academically successful; again she falls in love with a charismatic and unattainable man, Maurice Bishop. His...
Intertextuality and Influence Angela Carter
Carter attributes the idea for Love to Benjamin Constant 's nineteenth-century novel Adolphe. Linden Peach also notes intertextual references to Edgar Allan Poe 's poem Annabel Lee, and Nathaniel Hawthorne 's novel The Scarlet Letter.
Peach, Linden. Angela Carter. St Martin’s Press, 1998.
59, 62-7
Literary responses Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
De Staël is said to have had France read to her on her deathbed, with approbation.
Campbell, Mary. Lady Morgan: The Life and Times of Sydney Owenson. Pandora, 1988.
Her lover Benjamin Constant defended Morgan from attack, and Morgan's own friend Lady Charleville , who had previously...
Literary responses Germaine de Staël
The book attracted attacks from Catholics and from specialists with more knowledge than GS . One politician criticised her for attempting such a large topic, allegedly outside the realm of a woman's proper sphere. It...
politics Germaine de Staël
Following an anti-Napoleon speech by GS 's lover Benjamin Constant , her salon that night was thinly attended: a sign that opposition to the rising political power would not be tolerated.
Kobak, Annette. “Mme de Staël and Fanny Burney”. The Burney Journal, pp. 12 -35.


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