Augustus De Morgan

Standard Name: De Morgan, Augustus


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Friends, Associates Augusta Ada Byron
AAB remained close friends with Mary Somerville's family, and particularly with her eldest son by her first marriage, Woronzow Greig , for the rest of her life. Somerville not only fostered Ada's mathematical aptitude, but...
Instructor Augusta Ada Byron
AAB (now Countess of Lovelace) began studying with Augustus De Morgan , a leading logician and the first professor of mathematics at the University of London .
Encyclopædia Britannica Online.
under Lovelace, Augusta
Stein, Dorothy. Ada: A Life and a Legacy. MIT Press.
Instructor Augusta Ada Byron
Lady Byron employed a number of governesses to educate the young AAB at their various country homes. From the age of five Ada received full-time instruction in arithmetic, grammar, spelling, reading, music, geography, drawing, and...
Literary responses Augusta Ada Byron
The authorship of A Sketch of the Analytical Engine (which had been published as by A.L.L., for Ada, Lady Lovelace) was revealed in a review in Athenæum in 1848. The work garnered a small...
Literary responses Ann Taylor Gilbert
The Critical Review gave the second volume five words: Very good in their way.
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
3d ser. 6 (1805): 333
William Godwin set his difficult stepson Charles Clairmont, aged eleven, to learn ATG 's My Mother...
Reception Augusta Ada Byron
AAB has given her name to the Ada Initiative , a small organization supporting women in open technology and culture ( A conference on her achievements and legacies was held at the Stevens Institute of Technology


1865: The London Mathematical Society was foun...

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