Jeremy Taylor

Standard Name: Taylor, Jeremy


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Cultural formation Mrs Alexander
The daughter of a presumably white, professional, Irish family, Annie French was related on her mother's side to the seventeenth-century Bishop Jeremy Taylor and the eighteenth-century author Edmond Malone .
Sutherland, John. The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction. Stanford University Press.
Black, Helen C. Notable Women Authors of the Day. D. Bryce.
Friends, Associates Sarah Chapone
Sarah met John Wesley when he visited Mary's brother Robert (a friend from university) in April 1725. She became and remained a friend of John and his brother Charles , though she did not share...
Friends, Associates Katherine Philips
Jeremy Taylor (apparently taking a lead from Francis Finch , but a much better-known writer as well as a leading churchman) addressed his Discourse of the Nature, Offices and Measures of Friendship to KP in...
Friends, Associates Lady Rachel Russell
The family had various links with Katherine Philips , and the famous preacher Jeremy Taylor was chaplain at Golden Grove.
Intertextuality and Influence Charlotte Lennox
Euphemia endures by means of good counsel from the sermons of seventeenth-century Jeremy Taylor , and of a friend whom she calls her Socratina or female Socrates . While pregnant with her son Edward she...
Textual Features Lady Charlotte Bury
The title-page quotes Jeremy Taylor on life as a game of cards, involving both skill and luck. The novel's protagonist, Bertha d'Egmont, impulsively elopes with a husband she knows little about, and from this first...
Textual Features Dorothy Osborne
She also shares the other letter-writing skill of commentator on outside events, turning the same critical mind on party politics and on religious controversy. She is a thoughtful analyst of sermons, and admired the writings...
Textual Production Rose Macaulay
Writing about a wide range of authors from Caedmon to Coventry Patmore , she devotes a significant portion of the book to the seventeenth century, which held a great interest for her. The chapter Anglicans
Textual Production Elizabeth Sewell
ES published many texts intended for Sunday School or educational use, beginning with Readings for Every Day in Lent, 1851, a compilation of the writings of the seventeenth-century bishop Jeremy Taylor . Other titles...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Susanna Wesley
This letter expounds her pedagogical principles and practice. Elsewhere she writes on matters of church administration and business, on tricky theological issues like the real presence in the sacrament, on religious virtues like zeal or...


7 March 1650: Jeremy Taylor published The Rule and Exercises...

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7 March 1650

Jeremy Taylor published The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living.

1651: Jeremy Taylor published The Rule and Exercises...

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Jeremy Taylor published The Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying.


Taylor, Jeremy. A Discourse of Friendship. R. Royston, 1657.