Newton Crosland

Standard Name: Crosland, Newton


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Cultural formation Camilla Crosland
In 1854 CC began practising spiritualism, as her husband too did later. The couple, together with their medium, hosted a number of séances. In her autobiography CC recalls that Anna Mary Howitt was a very...
death Camilla Crosland
Her husband , who cared for her until her death, described her final hours: At half past one a.m. she had a piece of savory jelly and a glass of champagne. . . . At...
Family and Intimate relationships Camilla Crosland
Camilla Dufour Toulmin and Newton Crosland were married at New St Pancras Church in London.
Crosland, Newton. Rambles Round My Life. E. W. Allen.
Family and Intimate relationships Camilla Crosland
In 1846 Camilla Toulmin was introduced to Newton Crosland . Born in the United States, he moved to Greenwich, near London during his childhood and began work as a clerk to a wine...
Family and Intimate relationships Camilla Crosland
In 1872 CC 's husband, Newton Crosland , was convicted of libel following the publication of his controversial pamphlet, The Eltham Tragedy Reviewed. While the actual penalty was fairly small (£50), this event marked...
Friends, Associates Camilla Crosland
In the years leading up to her marriage, Camilla Toulmin and Dinah Mulock Craik were good friends (Craik was one of her bridesmaids); however, Craik's biographer Sally Mitchell mentions Crosland only briefly. Newton Crosland posits...
Literary responses Camilla Crosland
Geraldine Jewsbury gave Mrs. Blake a positive review in the Athenæum. She suggested that Mrs. Crosland's mind seems to have matured within the last year or two, and there is a repose and simplicity...
Literary responses Camilla Crosland
Her husband praised these translations as being among her best works. She was, he declared, fully capable of grappling with [Hugo's] thought; she rose to the occasion; his power and beauty were never subdued under...
Literary responses Camilla Crosland
In his own autobiography, Rambles Round My Life, Newton Crosland , devoted several chapters to his wife on the grounds that, as he remarked, in her own memoirs she kept herself and her doings...
Material Conditions of Writing Camilla Crosland
CC continued to publish almost until the day of her death. It is perhaps remarkable that she was so prolific since, according to her husband , she was very easily distracted: If a letter came...
Reception Camilla Crosland
CC enjoyed moderate success during her life. Her writings earned her a modest income (in the 1840s it was about fifty pounds a year) and the critics were generally complimentary.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
A review in the Morning...
Residence Camilla Crosland
After the honeymoon, CC , her husband , and her mother moved to 3 Hyde Vale Cottages in Greenwich, near London.
Thesing, William B., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 240. Gale Research.
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Crosland, Newton. Rambles Round My Life. E. W. Allen, 1898.