Mary Cary

Standard Name: Cary, Mary
Birth Name: Mary Cary
Married Name: Mary Rande
Used Form: M. Cary
Used Form: M. R.
Among the pamphleteers for the Parliament side in the English Civil War, MC stands out, not only for productivity but for her literary style, her sinewy argument, and her attention to setting the anti-monarchist party on the broadest possible base.


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Family and Intimate relationships Lucy Cary
Of LC 's sisters, three others became nuns: Anne (1615-71, in religion Dame Clementina), Elizabeth (born in 1617, in religion Dame Augustina), and Mary (c. 1622-1693, in religion Dame Mary). Mary may have contributed to...
politics Doreen Wallace
DW 's anti-tithing campaign put her in the tradition of seventeenth-century writers like Mary Cary , Margaret Fell , and innumerable others; but whereas they condemned the Church of England for doctrinal reasons and in...
Textual Production Lucy Cary
In her Benedictine convent at Cambrai in Flanders, LC (if not her sister Anne or her sister Mary ) wrote an account of her mother, entitled The Lady Falkland : Her Life by One of Her Daughters.
Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess Falkland,. The Tragedy of Mariam, The Fair Queen of Jewry; with, The Lady Falkland: Her Life by One of Her Daughters. Editors Weller, Barry and Margaret W. Ferguson, University of California Press.
Textual Production Lucy Cary
Many sources, including The Feminist Companion, say the writer of the life was Lucy's sister Mary, or possibly her sister Anne. But literary historian Dorothy Latz argues that it was LC , since it...


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Downame, John, and Mary Cary. The Account Audited. Printed for T. R. and E. M.
Cary, Mary. The Little Horns Doom and Downfall. Printed for the author, 1651.
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