Sylvia Beach

Standard Name: Beach, Sylvia
Birth Name: Nancy Woodbridge Beach
Nickname: Sylvia
An American expatriate in Paris, SB played a key role in the emergence of literary modernism. She wrote important translations of landmark works of modernist literature, edited a collection of critical reviews and a retrospective anthology, and wrote a memoir about her life as the owner of the Paris bookshop Shakespeare and Company . Before becoming a bookseller, she had aspirations of becoming a war journalist, but only one of her essays was published.
Black and white photograph of Sylvia Beach, seated at a desk, with a bookshelf behind her. She is turned, looking off to the side, and she is wearing a plain black dress with a white collar.
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HSW put Joyce's financial needs above her own: she was willing to sell fixed-interest stock in March 1931 when an emergency request from him for £160 coincided with an invitation to her from Sylvia Beach


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