Francisco Franco

Standard Name: Franco, Francisco
Used Form: General Franco


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Occupation Eleanor Rathbone
As Franco 's victory became imminent in the Spanish Civil War, creating a flow of Republican refugees in appalling conditions, ER chartered a ship to run the blockade and bring off as many as...
politics Nancy Cunard
Talking to Cunard in London during the war, Cecily Mackworth reported: I could feel her contained rage, like a saucepan about to boil over.
Mackworth, Cecily. Ends of the World. Carcanet.
Even the liberation of France from the Nazis , it...
politics Rosamond Lehmann
RL participated in a deputation to Neville Chamberlain the Prime Minister and other politicians, calling for arms to be sent to the Republican government in Spain to help in the fight against Franco .
Lehmann, John. In My Own Time. Little, Brown.
Siegel, Ruth. Rosamond Lehmann: A Thirties Writer. Peter Lang.
Residence Laura Riding
They were allowed to take a single suitcase each; they left their pets and their printing press behind. Riding had no idea, however, that she would be leaving for ever. They reached England via Valencia...
Textual Features Ann Bridge
Many of the characters are foreign journalists in Spain (though the heroine, Raquel, is Spanish, and as delightful as I could make her).
Bridge, Ann. Facts and Fictions. McGraw-Hill.
To preserve the journalists' anonymity AB named them all after...
Textual Features Maureen Duffy
The title is the name by which this proposition of Ockham's is generally known.
Everyman's Encyclopaedia translates the dictum quoted by Duffy as Essences are not to be multiplied without necessity.
Bozman, Ernest Franklin, editor. Everyman’s Encyclopaedia. J. M. Dent.
9: 381
It is...
Textual Features Rebecca West
The book offers a detailed analysis of William Joyce 's and John Amery 's trials for high treason for their pro-Nazi broadcasts during the war.
Amery, son and brother of successful British politicians, had been...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Kate O'Brien
In this book O'Brien affirms her own sense of her identity as Catholic, yet outspokenly expresses opposition to the Catholic dictatorship of General Franco .
Reynolds, Lorna. Kate O’Brien: A Literary Portrait. Colin Smythe; Barnes and Noble.
113, 97
She had no interest in Moorish Spain, but...
Travel Cecily Mackworth
CM spent a winter and a spring in Malaga, with no idea that she was watching the last, faltering footsteps of Franco 's Spain, but finding the country more remote from the rest of...


18 July 1936: The Spanish Civil War began between the Republicans...

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18 July 1936

The Spanish Civil War began between the Republicans (including Communists) and the Fascists led by Francisco Franco .

September 1937: General Franco's capture of the strongly...

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September 1937

General Franco 's capture of the strongly republican town Bilbao in the Basque country of Spain caused turmoil among 4,000 refugee Basque children living in camps in Kent.

28 February 1939: Britain recognized Franco's government in...

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28 February 1939

Britain recognized Franco 's government in Spain.

1 April 1939: General Franco, Nationalist victor in the...

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1 April 1939

General Franco , Nationalist victor in the Spanish Civil War, declared the conflict over. Republican soldiers had been fleeing over the border to France for some time, and Madrid had fallen on 28 March.

20 November 1975: The Spanish dictator Francisco Franco died....

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20 November 1975

The Spanish dictator Francisco Franco died. His government had been recognised by that of Britain on 28 February 1939, a month before Franco himself announced victory over the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War.


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