Robertson Davies

Standard Name: Davies, Robertson


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Literary responses Mary Elizabeth Braddon
In 1951 Canadian novelist Robertson Davies made this book the centre of a fictional anecdote: a distinguished professor bequeaths to his grand-daughter a box of battered old books (Lady Audley's Secret, Mrs Henry Wood
Literary responses Pauline Johnson
Critical reception of PJ 's writing has been uneven, ranging from outright dismissals to celebrations. These responses clearly illuminate the preoccupations of critics, many of whom were primarily interested in constructing narrow versions of Canadian...
Literary responses Ouida
In a Book Buyer article of January 1897, American novelist and short story writer Stephen Crane called this novel Ouida's Masterpiece and a song of the brave. He particularly liked the character Cigarette, a figure...
Literary responses Ellen Wood
East Lynne makes an appearance in Robertson Davies 's novel Tempest-Tost, 1951, as part of a comic-moral fictional anecdote about the disparity between the apparent and market value of old books that nobody has...
Textual Production Ethel Wilson
EW expressed to John Gray some self-doubt as to whether she was truly qualified to speak to a university audience: How pretentious of me [to speak], who have [sic] nothing but a very treasured conferred...


By early September 1986: Kingsley Amis published his novel The Old...

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By early September 1986

Kingsley Amis published his novelThe Old Devils, which won the Booker Prize from a strong field after a tie with What's Bred in the Bone by Robertson Davies was broken by a casting...


Davies, Robertson. Tempest-Tost. Penguin, 1980.