Jacques-Louis David

Standard Name: David, Jacques-Louis


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Friends, Associates Amelia Opie
She had already begun to move in fashionable circles, and became friendly with Lady Caroline Lamb , Lady Cork , and painters James Northcote and Sir Joshua Reynolds .
Opie, Amelia. “Introduction”. Adeline Mowbray, edited by Shelley King and John B. Pierce, Oxford University Press, p. i - xxix.
In 1802, in London and...
Leisure and Society Amelia Opie
In Paris in 1829 she was sculpted by Jacques-Louis David in profile, for a medal. Eleven years later, at the Anti-Slavery Convention in London, she sat with other delegates to the convention for Benjamin Haydon
Textual Features Margaret Roberts
To some extent this novel repeats the central situation of Mademoiselle Mori (as well as re-using research that MR had done for Women of the Last Days of Old France), with a young protagonist...
Textual Production Anita Brookner
After Ingres came further monographs on French painters: Watteau, 1967 (called by Michael McNaya brilliant coup),
McNay, Michael. “Anita Brookner obituary”. theguardian.com.
Greuze : The Rise and Fall on an Eighteenth-Century Phenomenon, 1972 (a revised form of...


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