Nicolaus Copernicus

Standard Name: Copernicus, Nicolaus


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Publishing Agnes Mary Clerke
AMC published her first two articles, Brigandage in Sicily and Copernicus in Italy, in the Edinburgh Review.
Commire, Anne, and Deborah Klezmer, editors. Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. Yorkin Publications.
Textual Features Mary Latter
After the opening dialogue, some Previous Matter makes a brief feint of beginning the book proper and of being straightforward narrative: how the editor, in her humble sphere as country bookseller, came to publish this...
Textual Features Charlotte Maria Tucker
Reflecting CMT 's strong interest in the natural sciences, the fairy character lures children into learning more about this topic. The book's index includes entries such as fermentation and Copernicus, and discusses the cotton...


1406: The influential work of ancient astronomer...

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The influential work of ancient astronomer Claudius Ptolemaeus (Ptolemy) was translated into Latin.

1543: Andreas Vesalius, professor of anatomy at...

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Andreas Vesalius , professor of anatomy at Padua University, published De humani corporis fabrica, and Nicolaus Copernicus published De revolutionibus.

17 February 1600: Giordano Bruno, a Neapolitan philosopher...

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17 February 1600

Giordano Bruno , a Neapolitan philosopher and former Dominican friar, was burned by the Inquisition , apparently less for his support of Copernicus than for his Plato nist and Pantheistic thinking.

1650: The Polish astronomer Maria Cunitz, sometimes...

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The Polish astronomer Maria Cunitz , sometimes called the second Hypatia, published her Urania Propitia, which builds on the work of Johannes Kepler .


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