Oswald Spengler

Standard Name: Spengler, Oswald


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Back in Italy after the end of the First World War, VL continued to read widely. She returned to Dante , Shakespeare , and Goethe . She introduced herself to newer writings on philosophy, science...
Textual Production Dorothy Richardson
She was invited to write for the magazine by John Middleton Murry , who founded it in 1923, though both he and Katherine Mansfield had published negative reviews of earlier volumes of Pilgrimage.
Richardson, Dorothy. Windows on Modernism: Selected Letters of Dorothy Richardson. Editor Fromm, Gloria G., University of Georgia Press.
41-2, 90, 212


1918: Oswald Spengler published the first volume...

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Oswald Spengler published the first volume of Der Untergang des Abendlandes, one of his several influential works; the second volume followed in 1922.


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