John Steinbeck

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Education Sue Townsend
ST was eight before she learned to read but from then on, although she did poorly at school, she read with enthusiasm. After Richmal Crompton (Just William) came Charlotte Brontë : Jane Eyre...
Friends, Associates Isak Dinesen
Dinesen was fascinated by Monroe's prettiness, vitality, and innocence: they reminded her, she said, of a lion cub. The old and the young woman danced together (though not, as legend relates, on the table).
Borne Back Daily. .
5 February 2008
politics Alice Munro
After her return to Huron County in 1975, AM became embroiled in cultural politics. Her Lives of Girls and Women was banned from a high school in Peterborough, Ontario, as immoral in early 1976...
Reception Angela Thirkell
This, like all its immediate predecessors, met with excellent reviews, even though Hugh Walpole regretted its lack of plot.
Strickland, Margot. Angela Thirkell: Portrait of a Lady Novelist. Duckworth.
James Agate uncharacteristically wrote: All the time I was reading it I purred like my...
Textual Production Frances Horovitz
Greg Gatanby included FH 's poem Invocation in his Whales: A Celebration, 1983. This anthology comprises excerpts from literature, legends, myths, religions, and poetry from around the world. Among others included are Jonathan Swift


14 March 1939: John Steinbeck caused a sensation with his...

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14 March 1939

John Steinbeck caused a sensation with his novelThe Grapes of Wrath, about the hardships and exploitation visited on a family displaced from their Oklahoma farm to California by dust-bowl conditions.


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