James Agate

Standard Name: Agate, James


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Literary responses Dodie Smith
Theatre World found this immeasurably Dodie Smith's best play, expressing admiration for her vivid sense of character and situation.
“Review of Dodie Smith’ <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl=‘m’>Dear Octopus</span&gt”;. Theatre World.
(October 1938)
James Agate wrote a flattering review that even compared some of her characters to...
Literary responses Angela Thirkell
This, like all its immediate predecessors, met with excellent reviews, even though Hugh Walpole regretted its lack of plot.
Strickland, Margot. Angela Thirkell: Portrait of a Lady Novelist. Duckworth.
James Agate uncharacteristically wrote: All the time I was reading it I purred like my...
Literary responses Margery Allingham
The Sunday Chronicle wrote: One of the best detective stories of today, written by a master of the craft.
Martin, Richard. Ink in Her Blood: The Life and Crime Fiction of Margery Allingham. UMI Research Press.
Others praising the book (including James Agate ) once again commented that MA had gone...
Literary responses Margery Allingham
At a time that MA had stopped writing both the film story and the mass-circulation serial, she saw herself as making another new start in her career with this book. She called it a novel...
Literary responses Margiad Evans
Favourable newspaper reviews came from Compton Mackenzie and James Agate . The Daily Mail review pleased ME particularly by reproducing her frontispiece (though they did not know it to be hers).
Lloyd-Morgan, Ceridwen. Margiad Evans. Seren.
Textual Features Dodie Smith
The play dramatizes various temptations for an accountant's family over the course of a single day.
Short, Ernest. Theatrical Cavalcade. Eyre and Spottiswoode.
Despite DS 's claim that she did not write self-portraits, she admits that she did try to base...


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