Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

Standard Name: Pushkin, Alexander Sergeevich
Used Form: Alexander Sergeevych Pushkin
Used Form: Alexandr Sergeevych Pushkin


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Anthologization Carol Ann Duffy
In the same year CAD 's Poet to Prose-Writer, a version from Pushkin , stood first of the six pieces by her among the translations, versions of and responses by British, Irish, and American...
Family and Intimate relationships Ethel Wilson
An older half-sister of EW 's father, Hannah Waller Atkinson , was equally accomplished, having lived for a time in St Petersburg with the pianist at the Imperial Palace. She would eventually translate Pushkin
Intertextuality and Influence Gillian Slovo
The first part has an epigraph from Pushkin about trackless snow; later parts are headed from other Russian writers such as Yevgeni Yevtushenko and Anna Akhmatova . Slovo's examination of the intersection of politics with...
Literary responses Alice Walker
Reviews were mixed (one pronounced occasionally ponderous as well as poignant and personal).
White, Evelyn. Alice Walker. A Life. Norton, 2004.
Josephine Hendin in the Saturday Review found the novel politically cliché'd and its resolution improbable. AW responded with an indignant...
Occupation Anna Akhmatova
Deprived of poetry, no longer working at the Agronomy Institute library, and banned from the bohemian life, Anna developed an interest in Aleksandr Sergeevych Pushkin's works and in architecture; she also translated from French, Italian...
Textual Features Mathilde Blind
MB depicts Byron with her customary vigour and imaginative engagement: her introduction to the poetry volume is a blend of analysis and praise. She places him politically, as having in his veins an ancestral witches'...
Textual Features Frances Cornford
The book includes translations of poems by Anna Akhmatova , Ivan Krylov , Mihail Lermontov , and Alexander Pushkin .
Poems from the Russian. Cornford, Frances and Esther Polianowsky SalamanTranslators , Faber and Faber, 1943.
Textual Features Bernardine Evaristo
An odd couple on holiday from England (Stanley Williams, his Jamaican immigrant parents' my-son-the-banker, and Jessie O'Donnell, a singer, a foundling raised by nuns in Leeds) drive haphazardly across Europe towards the Middle East...
Textual Production Anna Akhmatova
The year 1943 saw publication of her Selected Poems in Tashkent, which brought her recognition in Asia.
Haight, Amanda. Anna Akhmatova : A Poetic Pilgrimage. Oxford University Press, 1976.
She had begun writing the first of these poems, Northern Elegies, with an epigraph from...
Textual Production Anna Akhmatova
AA 's name appeared in a number of literary anthologies such as Literaturnaya Moskva (Literary Moscow) and Poetry Day; her poems were published, too, in newspapers and journals. In the mid 1950s she was...
Textual Production Elaine Feinstein
EF published Pushkin, a biography commissioned two years beforehand to precede the bicentenary of his birth (1999).
Beer, Patricia. “Two Hares and a Priest”. London Review of Books, pp. 27 - 9.
Textual Production Elaine Feinstein
EF has carried out a great deal of scholarly commentary of a kind best calculated to be useful to readers (though she did not finish her MA thesis on nineteenth-century sexual fantasists like Ouida and...
Textual Production Elaine Feinstein
EF followed her life of Pushkin the following year with After Pushkin, an anthology of translations and imitations of his work, and responses to it, by contributors including Ted Hughes , Seamus Heaney ,...


26 March 1820
Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin completed Ruslan and Lyudmilla, a narrative, mock-epic, fairy-talepoem in six cantos.
May 1823-October 1831
Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin composed a novel in verse (of eight cantos), Eugene Onegin, which has been praised as his greatest and most sophisticated work.
Drabble, Margaret, editor. The Oxford Companion to English Literature. Oxford University Press, 1985.
Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin published his historicaldramaBoris Godunov.
22 December 1836
Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin published his historical novelThe Captain's Daughter, in The Contemporary.