Thomas Love Peacock

Standard Name: Peacock, Thomas Love


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Family and Intimate relationships George Meredith
GM married the young widow and mother Mary Ellen Nicolls on 9 August 1849 in London. She was the daughter of prominent Romantic poet, novelist, and critic Thomas Love Peacock (with whom the financially...
Friends, Associates Mary Harcourt
MH and her husband subscribed in 1803 to Poems by the widowed Mrs George Sewell (Mary Sewell) . Other subscribers included Elizabeth Carter , Elizabeth Cobbold , Catherine Fanshawe , Elizabeth Montagu , Arabella Rowden
Intertextuality and Influence Amabel Williams-Ellis
In this text the husband and wife team set out to capture the flavour of life at Portmeirion, at a time when a damaging hydro-electric scheme was proposed for the region.It is written in...
Intertextuality and Influence Jane Williams
The framework of a group of cultured people standing for different points of view and exchanging ideas owes something to Thomas Love Peacock 's Headlong Hall, 1816 (also set in Wales), but Williams is...
Intertextuality and Influence Stella Gibbons
Flora, now a mother of five, returns to Cold Comfort Farm to help organise a conference put on by Mr Mybug's International Thinker's Group.
Gibbons, Stella. Conference at Cold Comfort Farm. Longmans, Green.
The conference becomes an opportunity to bring together and satirize...
Occupation John Wilson Croker
He was caricatured in works by Benjamin Disraeli ,Thomas Love Peacock , Sydney Morgan herself, and her sister Olivia Clarke . While the story that he caused the death of Keats is long since...
Textual Features Sarah Green
The novel itself has elements of a spoof on the gothic, a didactic courtship plot, a social satire of the dialogue kind associated with Elizabeth Hamilton and Thomas Love Peacock , a sentimental melodrama, a...
Textual Features Elizabeth Hamilton
Even before Zaarmilla arrives in England, issues like the class system, war, political corruption, and the slave trade have been addressed. His endless misconceptions cast a comic veneer over a trenchant critique of the ordinary...
Textual Production Percy Bysshe Shelley
PBS composed his most famous prose work, A Defence of Poetry, a poetic credo conceived as an answer to Thomas Love Peacock 's Four Ages of Poetry.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Muriel Jaeger
MJ 's next chapter deals with the male counterparts of the previous chapter's examples (Frederic Lamb , but also Dugald Stewart and Henry Brougham ), setting the Society for the Suppression of Vice against...


1816: Thomas Love Peacock published his anonymous...

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Thomas Love Peacock published his anonymous satirical novelHeadlong Hall.

By November 1818: Thomas Love Peacock published his satirical...

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By November 1818

Thomas Love Peacock published his satirical novelNightmare Abbey.

By 5 March 1831: Thomas Love Peacock published his satirical...

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By 5 March 1831

Thomas Love Peacock published his satirical novelCrotchet Castle.

April-December 1860: Thomas Love Peacock's satirical novel Gryll...

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April-December 1860

Thomas Love Peacock 's satirical novelGryll Grange was serialised in Fraser's magazine.


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