Elizabeth Stone

Standard Name: Stone, Elizabeth
Birth Name: Elizabeth Wheeler
Married Name: Elizabeth Stone
Elizabeth Stone published several novels during the 1840s and 50s, including early Condition of England novels. She continued to publish in her other chosen genres (social history and religious books) for another two decades. Despite her contribution to an emerging genre that became a defining feature of the nineteenth-century literary landscape, her work has received minimal scholarly attention. Many of the plot elements and motifs in ES 's sometimes awkward novels were mirrored in the fiction of Elizabeth Gaskell .
Some library catalogues mistakenly attribute books written by another Elizabeth Stone , who wrote under the pseudonym Sutherland Menzies in the 1870's, to this Elizabeth Stone.


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Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Gaskell
EG wrote Mary Barton following the death of her ten-month-old son in 1845. Johann Ludwig Uhland 's Auf der Überfahrt, from which she takes one of her epigraphs, refers to two from the spirit-land...
Publishing Elizabeth Gaskell
EG gave the manuscript of Mary Barton to William Howitt for his advice—he later claimed to have suggested the novel—and he in turn showed it to John Forster , a reader for Chapman and Hall


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