Empress Matilda

Standard Name: Matilda, Empress
Used Form: Matilda (sometimes called Maud)


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Literary Setting Anna Maria Mackenzie
The story opens in the civil war for the English crown between Stephen and EmpressMatilda or Maud . (Mackenzie calls the empress Maud, while for her it is Stephen's wife who is Matilda.) Mackenzie...
Literary Setting Henrietta Rouviere Mosse
The title-page quotes Shakespeare , who is then cited in the preface to justify the genre of historical fiction. HRM mentions her consultations of records and documents, and expresses her thanks to the gentlemen of...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Mary Matilda Betham
She is strong on queens, and perhaps because of her own name gives good coverage to the medieval Maud or Matilda . Her article on Matilda makes several points relating to the general issue of...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Anne Bradstreet
The daughter colony comforts her mother nation. Each is skilled in history, New England recalling past civil wars (beginning with those of Matilda and Stephen ), and Old England lamenting the untimely death of Lady Jane Grey


1135-1142: Supporters of Matilda (sometimes called Maud)...

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Supporters of Matilda (sometimes called Maud) and Stephen , rival claimants for the English throne, waged a civil war.

December 1135: King Henry I died and Stephen of Blois assumed...

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December 1135

King Henry I died and Stephen of Blois assumed the throne of England.

8 April 1141: Matilda, claimant to the English throne,...

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8 April 1141

Matilda , claimant to the English throne, assumed the title domina Anglorum, or mistress of the English; she was meanwhile holding her rival, Stephen , in captivity.

14 September 1141: Matilda (sometimes called Maud) escaped the...

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14 September 1141

Matilda (sometimes called Maud) escaped the forces of Stephen (her rival claimant to the throne of England) by travelling on a bier disguised as a corpse.

25 October 1154: King Stephen died; Henry II assumed the throne...

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25 October 1154

King Stephen died; Henry II assumed the throne of England on 19 December 1154.

20 September 1889: Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for Nurses...

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20 September 1889


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