Jane Smiley

Standard Name: Smiley, Jane


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Literary responses Enid Bagnold
The novel was very well received, both in England and the United States. In the New York Herald Tribune, Lewis Gannett recommended it as a book to buy, to read, to remember and...
Literary responses Alice Munro
Smiley observed that Munro has become more, not less, experiemental with time.
Publishing Nancy Mitford
Wigs on the Green and its predecessor, Christmas Pudding were re-issued in Vintage editions for Knopf Doubleday in 2013, in one volume with an introduction by Jane Smiley .
Textual Production Alice Munro
AM gathered the work of a couple of decades in Family Furnishings: Selected Stories, 1995-2014 (titled from a story that appeared in 2001), with a foreword by Jane Smiley .
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Rafferty, Terrence. “’Family Furnishings,’, Selected Stories by Alice Munro”. The New York Review of Books.


December 1937: US physicist John Atanasoff, after years...

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December 1937

US physicist John Atanasoff , after years of working on machines to facilitate elaborate calculations, had a brainwave which enabled him successfully to build a desk-size electronic calculating machine (not strictly a computer, since it...

3 March 1959: Ruth Handler put together at her kitchen...

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3 March 1959

Ruth Handler put together at her kitchen table the prototype Barbie doll, which was unveiled shortly afterwards by Mattel at this year's American International Toy Fair: a doll with a stylized female body, glamorous in...


Smiley, Jane. “Rereading. ’Oh God, give me horses!’”. The Guardian, p. Review 20.