Melanie Phillips

Standard Name: Phillips, Melanie


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Intertextuality and Influence Rosalind Coward
Feminism no longer has to be reiterated but simply breathed,RC declares.
Coward, Rosalind. Sacred Cows. HarperCollins.
She argues that whereas in the 1970s feminism was a powerful movement for challenging cultural and judicial norms that persistently disadvantaged women...
Textual Production Germaine Greer
The participants (Ann Leslie , Melanie Phillips , Caitlin Moran , Stella Dadzie , and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown ) were debating whether our education system can cope with the demands that we make of it.
Greer, Germaine, editor. The Last Word. BBC Broadcasting Support Services.
Textual Production George Orwell
Female winners have included, for the Book Prize Patricia Hollis (for her life of Jennie Lee ), Miranda Carter , Delia Jarrett-Macauley , and for the Journalism Prize Melanie Phillips , Polly Toynbee , Yasmin Alibhai-Brown , and Vanora Bennett .
The Orwell Prize.


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Phillips, Melanie. The Divided House: Women at Westminster. Sidgwick and Jackson, 1980.