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Family and Intimate relationships Betty Miller
BM 's son Jonathan Miller , the future physician, satirist, writer, director, and sculptor, was born.
Miller, Sarah, and Betty Miller. “Introduction”. On the Side of the Angels, Virago, p. vii - xviii.
Family and Intimate relationships Betty Miller
Six years before this he had founded the East London Child Guidance Clinic , the first of its kind in Europe.
The couple's son Jonathan Miller spoke at an event in 2002 to mark the...
Friends, Associates Fay Weldon
Their social circle in north London included many writers and painters, including Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath , David and Assia Wevill , Kingsley Amis and Elizabeth Jane Howard , Bernice Rubens , psychologist R. D. Laing
Literary responses Betty Miller
Her famous son Jonathan has called her a devotee of the negligible and the trivial and the commonplace
O’Hagan, Simon. “He was always a man of many parts”. The Independent on Sunday, p. 7.
a view not voiced as a criticism.
Literary responses Ann Oakley
The book was marketed with laudatory comments from Susie Orbach (best-known for her Fat is a Feminist Issue, 1978), Julia Twigg (a specialist in the provision of physical care), and Jonathan Miller (physician and writer).
Material Conditions of Writing Betty Miller
BM published her second novel, Sunday, three months after the birth of her son .
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
1707 (18 October 1934): 717
Miller, Sarah, and Betty Miller. “Introduction”. On the Side of the Angels, Virago, p. vii - xviii.
Performance of text Githa Sowerby
In the 1980s and 1990s, Rutherford and Son enjoyed several revivals by feminist theatre groups and directors, including productions by Mrs Worthington's Daughters in June 1980 (abridged by Michelene Wandor ); Southern Lights at the...
Performance of text Pam Gems
PG adapted and translated several Chekhov plays over the following decades. In 1984 her version of The Cherry Orchard opened at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, and in 2007 it was directed by Jonathan Miller
Reception Githa Sowerby
Reviewers in 2013 were more critical. The Independent judged the play too black-and-white in its moral outlook to be a newly discovered masterpiece, but reported nevertheless that it emerges as a powerfully indignant protest at...
Textual Production Githa Sowerby
Beecham called the play a ferocious Geordie drama thick with dialect, diatribe and an unsparing depiction of the brutalities of the industrial north at the turn of the century.
Beecham, Richard, and Patricia Riley. “Foreword”. Looking for Githa, New Writing North.
Its recent director, Jonathan Miller ...


23 August 1960: The satirical review Beyond the Fringe, launched...

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23 August 1960

The satirical review Beyond the Fringe, launched at the Edinburgh Festival, inaugurated a new style of surreal and irreverent topical comedy in Britain.


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