Flora Murray

Standard Name: Murray, Flora


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Occupation Beatrice Harraden
During the First World War, BH worked for Belgian relief and visited refugee camps under the auspices of the Commission for Relief in Belgium . She also worked as a volunteer (with Elizabeth Robins
Occupation Elizabeth Robins
ER volunteered alongside Beatrice Harraden at the Endell Street Hospital for Soldiers , a medical facility opened in May 1915 and directed by Dr Louisa Garrett Anderson and Dr Flora Murray .
“World War I Suffragette Military Hospital”. The Women’s Library Newsletter.
Gates, Joanne E. Elizabeth Robins, 1862-1952. University of Alabama Press.
politics Marie Belloc Lowndes
The letter challenged a recent antisuffragist manifesto, and stressed three points from Prime Minister Asquith 's statement to suffragists of 14 August. The points were that women had rendered as effective service to their country...
politics Evelyn Sharp
As the Great War rolled on ES found herself more and more of a pacifist.
Sharp, Evelyn. Unfinished Adventure. John Lane, Bodley Head.
During her very few holidays from writing and from trying to keep the suffrage cause alive, she took jobs...


14 September 1914: Dr Louisa Garrett Anderson and Dr Flora Murray...

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14 September 1914

Dr Louisa Garrett Anderson and Dr Flora Murray set up the Women's Hospital Corps , staffed entirely by women, at Claridge's Hotel in Paris.

By late October 1920: Flora Murray wrote about her war experience...

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By late October 1920

Flora Murray wrote about her war experience in Women as Army Surgeons: Being the History of the Women's Hospital Corps in Paris, Wimereux and Endell Street, September 1914-October 1919.


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