Elizabeth Harcourt, Countess Harcourt

Standard Name: Harcourt, Elizabeth Harcourt,,, Countess


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Harcourt
MH 's brother-in-law, Simon Harcourt, later the second earl , was married to Elizabeth , née Vernon, 1746-1826, who was a life-writer (like Mary), a social poet, and a collector of manuscript verse. This couple...
Publishing Hester Lynch Piozzi
Her poetic oeuvre consists of a core of longish serious poems, a verse drama, other theatre pieces and a large penumbra of occasional poems and jeux d'esprit. She worked in the ode, essay, epistle, pastoral...
Textual Features Mary Harcourt
The printed diary begins with the crucial days during which the disturbed king gave signs of convalescence, just in time for the withdrawal of the Regency Bill which would have put the government into the...
Textual Features Mary Harcourt
MH addresses her sister-in-law in England. She writes that she intends to trace the small causes from whence great events arise
Harcourt, Edward William, editor. The Harcourt Papers.
4: 333
(traditionally the aim of an epic). She even feels she is better...
Textual Production Lady Charlotte Bury
The archive of more than 400 pieces of poetry amassed by Elizabeth, Lady Harcourt (now in the Bodleian Library ), included a brief extract from A Prayer, written at Edinburgh in 1800, by the Right...
Textual Production Mary Harcourt
MH wrote letters to her sister-in-law Elizabeth, Countess Harcourt , mostly about her time with the armies (latterly the British army commanded by her husband ), fighting against the French in the Low Countries.
Neely, Matthew. “Catalogue of Papers of the Harcourt Family, 1638-1910”. Bodleian Library Online Catalogues of Archives and Manuscripts.
Harcourt, Edward William, editor. The Harcourt Papers.
4: 322, 641


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