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Literary responses Elizabeth Daryush
Yvor Winters looked on The Last Man and Other Verses as having begun ED 's mastery of her new subject-matter.
Davie, Donald, and Elizabeth Daryush. “Introduction”. Collected Poems, Carcanet New Press, pp. 13-23.
In 1936 he wrote of her as increasingly conscious of social injustice, of the...
Literary responses Elizabeth Daryush
In Children of WealthDonald Davie found audible a desperation, barely under control.
Davie, Donald, and Elizabeth Daryush. “Introduction”. Collected Poems, Carcanet New Press, pp. 13-23.
Literary responses Elizabeth Daryush
Davie 's introduction makes the case for Daryush as a poet of major importance. He opens, When an unprejudiced literary history of our century comes to be written, our failure to recognize Elizabeth Daryush will...
Literary responses Philip Larkin
Ten years after his first collection appeared, this one at last brought PL admiration and respect. The Times Literary Supplement called him a poet of quite exceptional importance, and The Times picked the volume as...
Literary responses Laura Riding
She considered this book one of the two prime achievements of her writing life.
Friedmann, Elizabeth. A Mannered Grace. Persea Books.
It was the last volume that she published containing all new material. It was listed by the National Book League
Occupation Elaine Feinstein
The writer Donald Davie , who was appointed the first Chair of Comparative Literature at Essex , was instrumental in Feinstein's appointment to a lectureship there. Within a few years, after publishing her first slim...
Author summary Elizabeth Daryush
ED is in the unusual position of being a poet laureate's daughter (a grievous disadvantage for any poet to labour under, as Donald Davie put it).
Davie, Donald, and Elizabeth Daryush. “Introduction”. Collected Poems, Carcanet New Press, pp. 13-23.
Her career spanned much of the twentieth...
Reception Elaine Feinstein
This little book probably got only review, a generous one by Donald Davie in the Wivenhoe Park Review. But the poet Tom Pickard noticed it and invited the author to give a reading, which...
Reception Elizabeth Jennings
In the Times Literary SupplementPeter Redgrove welcomed EJ as a good rather than a great poet, lyrical, metaphysical, and psychologically penetrating, a very accomplished writer of short pieces.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
2705 (4 December 1953): 778
Textual Features Elizabeth Daryush
She opens and closes the collection with two poems printed in italics. Her list of titles provides their opening words: an unnumbered poem placed before number one (from the first Verses) and another unnumbered...
Textual Production Elizabeth Daryush
The year before her death, ED issued her Collected Poems, edited by Donald Davie .
British Library Catalogue.
Dowson, Jane, editor. Women’s Poetry of the 1930s: A Critical Anthology. Routledge.
Textual Production Elaine Feinstein
This opportunity arose from her guest editing an issue of Cambridge Opinion while the regular editors were sitting exams, in an issue she called The Writer out of Society. She had discovered Allen Ginsburg...


14 January 1956: D. J. Enright's anthology Poets of the 1950s...

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14 January 1956

D. J. Enright 's anthologyPoets of the 1950s brought together work by eight poets generally taken to be leading voices in the recently-catagorized, modern but anti-modernist Movement.


Daryush, Elizabeth, and Donald Davie. Collected Poems. Carcanet New Press, 1976.
Davie, Donald, and Elizabeth Daryush. “Introduction”. Collected Poems, Carcanet New Press, 1976, pp. 13-23.