Richard Carlile

Standard Name: Carlile, Richard


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Theme or Topic Treated in Text Annie Besant
The preface discusses the history of this manual, first published forty-five years earlier in Britain by James Watson , who championed the early birth control activist and writer Richard Carlile . Besant and Bradlaugh provided...


15 October 1819
Richard Carlile was convicted on charges of blasphemous libel for his publication of Thomas Paine 's Age of Reason and Elihu Palmer 's Principles of Nature.
January 1821
Jane Carlile , wife of publisher Richard Carlile (whose sister-in-law Mary Anne Carlile had been prosecuted the previous year), was imprisoned for libel.
Mary Anne Carlile , sister of Richard Carlile (who had published Thomas Paine ), was charged twice with blasphemous libel.
Everywoman's Book or What is Love?, by Richard Carlile , was first published as an 18-penny pamphlet.
The memoir of Robert Blincoe by John Brown was re-issued in book form under a new title, A Memoir of Robert Blincoe, an Orphan Boy; Sent From the Workhouse of St. Pancras, London, at...
Guy Aldred and Rose Witcop were prosecuted for selling Margaret Sanger 's pamphlet Family Limitation: Handbook for Working Mothers.