John Tipper

Standard Name: Tipper, John


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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Tipper
ET 's origins have not been traced. It seems likely that she was related in some way to John Tipper , feminist-sympathising compiler of diaries and almanacs (who was born in Coventry, entered the historical...
Publishing Martha Fowke
Delights for the Ingenious; or, A Monthly Entertainment for the Curious of Both Sexes, a periodical collected in a volume by John Tipper , published two poems ascribed to MF by name.
Tipper, John, editor. Delights for the Ingenious. Printed by J. Roberts.
(April): 129-30
Textual Production Lady Caroline Lamb
An odd spin-off from LCL 's desire to make herself into a professional writer was her project for a pocket diary or almanac. These ephemeral publications were repositories of useful information of many kinds as...


January 1692-October 1694: Peter Anthony Motteux edited The Gentleman's...

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January 1692-October 1694

Peter Anthony Motteux edited The Gentleman's Diary; or, The Monthly Miscellany, which combined aspects of the almanac and the periodical, and aimed particularly at women readers.

3 November 1703: John Tipper, a schoolmaster of Coventry,...

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3 November 1703

John Tipper , a schoolmaster of Coventry, wrote to Humfrey Wanley about his projected Ladies' Diary, or The Woman's Almanack.

By 11 July 1704: John Tipper was planning a Chronology of...

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By 11 July 1704

John Tipper was planning a Chronology of Famous Women for his publication Ladies' Diary, or, The Woman's Almanack (currently in its first year).

1817: Thomas Leybourn published The Mathematical...

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Thomas Leybourn published The Mathematical Questions proposed in the Ladies' Diary, and their original answers, together with some new solutions, from its commencement in the year 1704 to1816.


Tipper, John, editor. Delights for the Ingenious. Printed by J. Roberts.