Emma Liggins

Standard Name: Liggins, Emma


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Literary responses Ella Hepworth Dixon
Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote admiringly to EHD about the first story in this book.
Fehlbaum, Valerie. Ella Hepworth Dixon: the Story of a Modern Woman. Ashgate.
In a recent article, Emma Liggins found this collection shows great sympathy for the plight of single women, while being...
Literary responses Ellen Wood
In her discussion of women's domestic roles in EW 's early novels, critic Emma Liggins argues that her use of the temperance theme in Danesbury House allows the author to engage with the domestic (and...
Publishing Rhoda Broughton
The year 1873 saw the publication of a collection of RB 's uncanny short stories, Tales for Christmas Eve, once again from Richard Bentley and Son . An edition of 1879 was re-titled Twilight...
Textual Features George Egerton
Susan's behaviour becomes even more erratic when her daughter dies. She arrives late and inappropriately dressed at the funeral, then tries distractedly to nurse her dead baby. Sympathy aroused in the reader is withdrawn again...


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