Christopher Lake Moody

Standard Name: Moody, Christopher Lake
Used Form: C. L. Moody


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Family and Intimate relationships Catherine Gore
No connection with the poet and reviewer Elizabeth Moody (or with her husband, the Rev. Christopher Lake Moody ) has been discovered.
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Moody
Elizabeth Greenly married the Rev. Christopher Lake Moody at Thames Ditton in Surrey. She was forty and he twenty-three.
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Waters, Mary A. British Women Writers and the Profession of Literary Criticism, 1789-1832. Palgrave Macmillan.
Literary responses Mary Wollstonecraft
The Critical Review rose to the challenge of this work, arguing that this story showed that Wollstonecraft's real talents lay in the novel: not for the usual, superficial variety, but for a tale of interest...
Literary responses Mary Hays
Reviews were harsh, reflecting the counter-revolutionary spirit of contemporary politics.
Kelly, Gary. Women, Writing, and Revolution 1790-1827. Clarendon.
Christopher Lake Moody , writing in the Monthly Review, had a word of qualified praise for the depiction of the heroine, but deplored...
Literary responses Helen Maria Williams
A respectful review by Mary Wollstonecraft in the Analytical praised Williams's calm domestic scenes,
Wollstonecraft, Mary. The Works of Mary Wollstonecraft. Editors Todd, Janet and Marilyn Butler, Pickering.
7: 251
her landscapes, and her convincing characters from nature, as well as the feminine sweetness in her style and...
politics Elizabeth Moody
In late 1792 when the newly-founded Association for Preserving Liberty and Property against Republicans and Levellers turned up at Christopher Lake Moody 's home demanding a signature to their oath of allegiance, he signed although...
Residence Elizabeth Moody
EM and her husband (probably residents before this at Kingston upon Thames in Surrey) lived for some years at Surbiton Farm, Surbiton, in the same county.
Moody, Elizabeth. Poetic Trifles. Cadell and Davies.
Textual Production Elizabeth Moody
A Lady, author of A Sketch of Modern France, 1798, which appeared this year, has been suspected to be EM since her husband edited it; but he as editor clearly indicates to the contrary.
Textual Production Elizabeth Moody
There is an unexplained gap in her reviewing between August 1791 and January 1800. Four of her reviews were co-authored: with Ralph Griffiths , his son George , or her husband .
Waters, Mary A. British Women Writers and the Profession of Literary Criticism, 1789-1832. Palgrave Macmillan.
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A Lady,. A Sketch of Modern France. Editor Moody, Christopher Lake, Cadell and Davies, 1798.
Moody, Christopher Lake, and A Lady. “Preface”. A Sketch of Modern France, edited by Christopher Lake Moody and Christopher Lake Moody, Cadell and Davies, 1798, p. iii - viii.