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Intertextuality and Influence Dora Russell
This polemic was heavily influenced by her reading of Euripides ' Medea during her adolescence, and by her later outlook on modern sex education, marriage, and motherhood.
Russell, Dora. The Tamarisk Tree: My Quest for Liberty and Love. G. P. Putnam’s Sons.
1: 32
Her prefatory comments are pessimistic but...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Tollet
Her long feminist polemic Hypatia was written in response to an ongoing controversy between radical John Toland and reactionary Thomas Lewis (both equally at odds with Tollet's thinking). Toland praised Hypatia and excoriated the persecuting...
Textual Features Rachel Speght
The form of a dream or vision had been used in a fairly similar way in the Scots language by Elizabeth Melvill in 1603. RS 's Dreame, in six-line stanzas, allegorizes a woman's longing...
Textual Production Catharine Amy Dawson Scott
While at finishing school she was inspired, by finding her classmates shallow, to write a feminist poem, Hypatia, expressing her opposition to marriage.


1650: The Polish astronomer Maria Cunitz, sometimes...

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The Polish astronomer Maria Cunitz , sometimes called the second Hypatia, published her Urania Propitia, which builds on the work of Johannes Kepler .

By June 1753: There was published anonymously Hypatia;...

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By June 1753

There was published anonymously Hypatia ; or, the history of a most beautiful, most virtuous, most learned, and every way accomplished lady.

January 1852-April 1853: Charles Kingsley's Hypatia, Or Old Foes with...

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January 1852-April 1853

Charles Kingsley 's Hypatia , Or Old Foes with New Faces was serialised in Fraser's Magazine.


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