Lisa L. Moore

Standard Name: Moore, Lisa L.


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Cultural formation Mary Delany
In Sister Arts: The Erotics of Lesbian Landscapes, 2011, Lisa L. Moore classified MD , along with the Duchess of Portland , Anna Seward , and the American Sarah Pierce (1767-1852), as lesbian-like women...
Literary responses Mary Delany
In a letter she slighted her own work as my usual presumption of copying beautiful nature.
Linney, Verna. “A Passion for Art, a Passion for Botany: Mary Delany and her Floral ’Mosaiks’”. Eighteenth-Century Women: Studies in their Lives, Work, and Culture, edited by Linda V. Troost, Vol.
, pp. 203-35.
But Horace Walpole , Sir Joshua Reynolds , and William Gilpin , the authority on the picturesque, were...


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Moore, Lisa L. Dangerous Intimacies: Towards a Sapphic History of the British Novel. Duke University Press, 1997.